Our Team

Roxann – Our Receptionist: The sweet voice on the other side of the phone. Roxann attends to all our administrative and booking tasks at the practice. She will go above and beyond to assist you with all your appointment and account queries.

Ntombi – Practicing Guardian Angel: Ntombi is always there quietly at your side, to assist and ensure you are always comfortable, and is the silent force that allows our dentists to work their magic. Ntombi has been practicing as a dental assistant for 8 years. She has worked at various dental practices but has now settled in perfectly at Big Red Tooth where she works miracles.

Precious – Molar assistant: Precious has a calm, friendly nature and is especially kind to all the children who visit the Big Red Tooth.

Sharman – Practice Cleanliness Technician: Sharman ensures Covid protocols are followed, ensuring our patients and staff work in the most hygienic space possible.