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1. Anxious Dental Patients

We have successfully turned many anxious and even dentist phobic patients into relaxed, happy patients who look forward to their dental appointments. We love the opportunity to turn fear into familiarity with our very careful, non-invasive and pain-free dentistry approach, which also involves a lot of education and dialogue between dentist and patient. For really deep-seated phobia’s, we also employ a safe, effective tool called conscious sedation:

What is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a very light form of anaesthesia where the patient does not lose consciousness but will not feel any pain. Sedatives are used in very low doses so that the patient is rendered free of any anxiety and discomfort, but can communicate verbally throughout the procedure. This procedure is completed in our rooms, in the dental chair. In this way, even patients with dental phobia can undergo most dental procedures safely and calmly.

What are the advantages?

Less visits: Completing a large quantity of dental work under conscious sedation minimizes the anxiety and necessity for movement, allowing safer, quicker treatment and thus more procedures to be completed in a single visit.

Lower Cost: The costs are significantly lower than using a hospital for general anaesthesia and the quantity of drugs that are passed through the body are much lower.

Quicker Recovery: The recovery time is much quicker than a general anaesthetic, due to the lower quantity of sedatives. Feelings of grogginess and nausea that accompany general anaesthetic are also lessened.

Positive Experience: Even though awake, the patient is absolutely pain-free and there is some amnesia, so the patient won’t remember much detail of their experience, thus eliminating any fearful thoughts or experiences.

When do we use it?

We treat a large volume of children and our mission is to eliminate childhood based dental phobias. If a child is hurt or pushed too far at an early age they will fear the dentist forever. When a young child has a large volume of dental fillings to be completed, or they are already nervous of the dentist, we opt to complete their treatment under conscious sedation. We also use conscious sedation for adults who have specific dentist phobias as well as for those who need extensive work done where it will be safer to use conscious sedation to complete the work effectively. We work with our own specialized GP anaesthesiologist who has extensive experience in dental sedation procedures.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you, your child or someone you know have a phobia about visiting the dentist, as we would love to address this problem and help transform dentist visits into a positive experience, for your or their continued dental health.


2. Pediatric Dentistry

Children should never be afraid of receiving dental care which is so important to the lifelong health of their teeth and gums.We work on building a unique relationship and bond of trust with each child we treat, which ensures a positive outlook on their mouth so that they look forward to their dental visits. We strive to make dental appointments exciting, interesting and fun through actively engaging children about their teeth and mouths. Whilst utilizing the latest dental technology which keeps the level of care at the most superior level, we do take a minimalistic, holistic approach to treating children and are always considering the long treatment plan and least invasive mode of action.

3 Tips to help conquer your child’s first dental appointment:

1. Practice: Firsts are always a new, big step and a challenge for children and parents alike. The first dental visit is pivotal and critically important as it establishes the foundation on which all future visits are subsequently built. We recommend you practice at home beforehand with your child, looking into their mouth and coaching them on what to expect. Use a teaspoon as a pretend dental mirror while you lay your child back in your lap –it is sure to cause some laughs and fun!

2. Positivity: Never project your own negative thoughts or fears of the dentist onto your child – this is a recipe for disaster. Always speak about the dentist in a positive light so your child feels confident and safe before they enter the practice.

3. Professional: Always choose an experienced pediatric dentist who specializes in treating small humans! All dentists are technically qualified to treat young patients, but you really want one who has a special interest and passion for children to provide the level of attention and care that will make the experience a positive one for your child.

We would love to introduce your children positively into the world of dental health, for a great, lifelong relationship with their teeth and their dentist.


3. Mercury-Free Ceramic Dentistry

Would you like a dental crown that mimics your natural tooth structure -a crown that reflects and refracts the light in the identical manner that a natural tooth does? Would you like to eliminate that black gumline that you have with your old metal-lined crowns or fillings?

We provide the ideal solution with our great-looking all-ceramic restorative solutions which contain no metals with toxins. We work with highly skilled technicians who create masterpieces in mouths.

Why Mercury Free?

Mercury is the toxic bi-product of silver/metal fillings. Unfortunately a large volume of mercury is released when the fillings are originally placed and this mercury takes a very long time to be naturally removed from your body. Slowly over years, mercury is also leached out of the metal filling surface, which further toxifies the body. It is for this reason that we recommend that patients have their metal fillings replaced with ceramic fillings. However, if the fillings are not safely removed, followed with a detoxifying process to help the body clear the excess mercury from the body, it defeats the purpose of this procedure. We follow a strict detoxification regime with all metal filling removals to help your cells and body safely transport the excess mercury out of your system, which also includes a safe, staggered filling removal process.

We invite you to have a look at the wonderful difference our all-ceramic solutions have made to the appearance of our patient’s mouths and teeth. We would love to do the same for you too:

View our Gallery


4. Gum Care

You may have the healthiest, most beautiful teeth in the world, but if you’re suffering with periodontal disease (gum disease) it could all come crashing down and you may lose your teeth. We take a special interest in personally nurturing your oral hygiene and all our dentists are specially trained to deal with any and all levels of oral hygiene care. We understand and appreciate the real importance of healthy gums and how they affect the overall health of your body. Call us today to book your oral hygiene appointment with one of our integrative dentists.”

Indications of gum disease:

Many people neglect their gums, bone and tongue hygiene and live with symptoms for ages without getting treatment. Symptoms to look out for include:

1. Bleeding Gums

2. Persistent Bad Breath

3. Over-Sensitive or Painful Gums and Jaw

We treat mild to moderately severe periodontal disease with non-surgical, chemical free, toxin free treatment techniques. Remember, you should be seeing your dentist every 6 months for a scale and polish to prevent periodontal problems. If you think you might have bleeding gums, halitosis or are just suffering with general gum pain/sensitivity, please come in for a consult. It is quickly and easily treated.


5. Dental Implants

When it comes to getting your mouth and facial appearance back, we recreate smiles and rebuild teeth from the gums up! Not only has the cost of dental implants reduced in recent years to make this treatment affordable for most patients, but the procedures are completely painless, quick and completed in the dental chair. Our tooth identical, white, all-ceramic dental implant crowns are the true future of dentistry and we have built longstanding relationships with the best surgeons in South Africa to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

The pictures below speak for themselves, let us do the same for you!


6. Emergency Services

Accidents don’t keep working hours do they? In fact, it always seems to be that we chip crack or lose a tooth completely just when we can least afford it – just before that wedding day, just before that school play performance or just before that work trip. Not only do you look a bit funny, but you are normally in huge amounts of pain as well, and waiting till the next day or till Monday just seems impossible.

No need to panic –Big Red Tooth has a dentist on call 24/7 to come and work miracles for you, as and when you need it. Take down our emergency number now and keep it in a safe place…it may just save the day for you sometime in the future!

Big Red Tooth Dental Emergency Number: 084 577 9786


7. Functional Medicine and Health Coaching

The mouth is a glimpse into the condition of our inner body. The teeth and the gums can give a good reflection of the internal health of body organs to someone who knows what to look for. So who wouldn’t want a dentist who has the knowledge, tools and the know-how to help in all aspects of health? A dentist with functional medicine experience may have the chance to detect and diagnose disease before the patient knows there is an issue.

What is Functional medicine?

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease in our lifestyle and diet, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Our vision is to incorporate integrative medicine into the treatment of our dental patients, coaching you to a place of excellent, long-term health. We use DNA testing, specialized blood tests and nutrition assessment to analyse the root cause of chronic disease and discomfort.

Big Red Tooth invites you to discover the path to true, long-lasting lifelong health with our help and guidance. Visit us to learn how to take charge of your health, positively!


8. Cosmetic Skincare

What is the use of us making your mouth look beautiful but forgetting about your skin? Not only do we administer safe, effective Botox treatments to smooth out wrinkle patterns, but we also supply a range of skincare products that are completely free of all toxins, preservative, parabens and chemical sunscreens, which ensure your skin becomes, and stays healthy for the long term.

Dr Baumann Cosmetics and Skincare Range

Big Red Tooth are registered Dr Baumann skincare specialists. Dr Baumann Cosmetics has invested a considerable amount in research to make products smell pleasant without the use of perfume, fragrance or essential oils and durable without the addition of preservatives. This targeted range of ingredients are therefore beneficial to the skin whilst their effectiveness has been specified and proven. Dr Baumann products are all environmentally friendly, animal friendly and human friendly. This is the only skincare range in world that only uses ingredients that naturally occur in your skin. This is why we call it “Treating skin with skin”.

We would love to help your face and skin glow, so please come in for a free skin analysis.

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