Big Red Tooth


Big Red Tooth’s Quality Culture

Best Technology: we ensure that we are always at the forefront of dental technology, so that you are getting the latest, most effective care there is. If there’s a better way, we’ll use it.

Best Materials: we believe that skimping on dental materials means skimping on the long term health of your teeth. We will always choose the better quality materials because we know that they will work as they should, every time.

Extra Service: we will always try that little bit harder and spend that little bit more time and effort to ensure you get a great result, because our results speak much more for the quality of our work than any marketing could ever do.

Long Term Approach: we believe in creating lifelong relationships with our patients, so it’s not in our culture to make a quick buck, but to ensure that your dental health is excellently maintained throughout our relationship. Our treatments are done to last -it’s a matter of professional pride to us.

Our prices may not be the lowest, but you will be hard-pressed to find better quality treatment and service, even at double the price.

Average Fees:

The prices listed below are based on average figures. The cost of your specific dental treatment will always be shared with you on a written quotation before any treatment is commenced.

Consultation fee  <8yrs old

Consultation fee – >8yrs old

R 544.00

R 724.00

Consultation + Clean – <8yrs old

Consultation + Clean – >8yrs old

R 987.00

R 1399.00

Consultat + Clean + X-rays – <8yrs old

Consultat + Clean + X-rays – >8yrs old

Panoramic x-ray (PAN)

Dental sealants

R 1375.00

R 1787.00

R 827.00


White filling: Front tooth – <8yrs old

White filling: Front tooth – >8yrs old

starting from R 1400.00

starting from R 1700.00

White filling: Back tooth – <8yrs old

White filling: Back tooth – >8yrs old

starting from R 1800.00

starting from R 2100.00

Tooth Extraction: Normal – <8yrs old starting from R 1500.00
Tooth Extraction: Normal – >8yrs old starting from R 1500.00
Tooth Extraction: Surgical starting from R 2200.00
Tooth Whitening: Home Kit R 4000.00
Tooth Whitening: in studio R 5000.00
Root Canal treatment: Front Tooth starting from R 3500.00  – R 7000.00
Root Canal treatment: Back Tooth starting from R 3800.00 – R 9000.00
Dental Crown – Lab assisted starting from R 11000.00
Dental Implant Crown starting from R 14000.00
Conscious Sedation starting from R 5000.00 (depending on duration of the sedation)

We have no affiliation with any medical aid scheme. We are a private cash practice and our fees are payable immediately during visits.