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There are many myths associated with teething which date back to the dark ages. Babies are protected by their own natural immunity that was transferred to them through their mother’s placenta and this immunity lasts until approximately 6 months of age. A large majority of babies are also breast fed up until 6 months of age and gain immunity through the breast milk. So at 6 months there is a sudden drop in these forms of natural immunity and protective antibodies, which increases risk for infection. Coincidentally it is at around 6 months of age that the first teeth usually appear. For this reason it is doubtful that teething causes symptoms (like fussiness, diarrhea, runny nose and fever) but in actual fact these common symptoms are not related to teething at all and just coincidentally appear at the same time as emerging teeth. In addition the increased stress associated with teething could make your child more vulnerable to infection right before a new tooth appears.

I advise parents to keep a watch for vomiting and listless behavioral patterns, as these are almost always a sign that the problem is not teething. Keep a close eye on the behavior of your baby.  If your baby starts vomiting and has a fever for an extended period of time, exceeding 38 degrees Celsius you must contact your doctor. Teething should not require emergency care. If there is any concern that something other than teething may be causing symptoms, contact your health-care provider. The only signs that should be associated with teething are restlessness, increased salivation and fist/hand chewing.

Teething remedies

I am a firm believer in Baltic Amber bead teething necklaces. Amber beads release Succinic acid, which is then absorbed into the body when kept in constant close contact with the skin. The long-term exposure to Succinic acid reduces inflammation that in turn eases the pain and discomfort stemming from the chronic oral inflammation of the mouth during teething and boosts immunity and the body’s ability to fight infection during this susceptible period. It works with the body to support the immune system, restore health, and reduce infection as well as pain. I recommend that this necklace be worn from 2 months of age, every day. At night, secure the necklace around the ankle of your baby with their sock so it does not present as a choking hazard.

I also recommend a visit to your homeopath. A homeopathic teething remedy and immune supporting remedy (like Oscillococcinum) taken from early on, in combination with teething beads has shown very effective results in alleviating teething pain and other illness accompanying the teething period.

Give your baby something fibrous to chew on like a cold carrot stick/apple slice. Natural rubber teething rings chilled in the fridge are also effective. Their gums are itchy so help them out by massaging the gums with a natural rubber finger brush combined with a Xylotol based toothpaste.

Do not give your child teething biscuits/rusks as these are high in sugar and promote plaque accumulation. Do not give your child any sugary drinks (fruit juice, sweetened tea etc) in their bottle. This may pacify your child short term, but the long-term damage and addiction to sugar is irreversible.

And finally is not helpful to apply commercial teething gels as these topical preparations have little to no effect- the child swallows most of the gel and continuous application is impractical and may lead to sensitivity to benzocaine.

Teething is a time when your child needs above all else, love and support.

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